Who is behind MotionTribe?

People passionate about Filmmaking and Photography, just like you! MotionTribe was founded by Haroun Souirji and Aurélien Troonbeeckx.

Haroun has gathered a solid video experience after directing and producing documentaries and advertorials in 18 countries, from studio environments to Amazonian swamps. His clients include Adidas, Mammut and Vice and his directing work in music videos has earned him a nomination to the FIFF Namur.

His passion for technology and extensive experience operating a wide array of audiovisual equipment make him the technical specialist of MotionTribe.

After launching a video production company, Aurélien worked as a consultant in a large company before leaving it all to produce documentaries for the WEB and TV with Haroun

As a perfectionist, his role in MotionTribe is to make the impossible possible for our members and partners. Aurélien will answer to your questions with pleasure.

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