MotionTribe Referral Program

By inviting pro videographers of photographers to join MotionTribe, you can earn and give discounts for future rentals on MotionTribe.

Inviting other professionals on MotionTribe
To obtain your referral link, you must have created an account and be connected to it. Access the menu by clicking on your profile picture at the top right, and click on “Give €20, get €20”. All you have to do is copy the displayed link and send it to your network.

When a guest signs up on MotionTribe using your link, he receives a coupon. This coupon can be used on its first rental on MotionTribe of more than €100 (excluding taxes and insurance).

When a guest makes their first qualifying rental, you also receive a coupon. You can use it on your next rental on MotionTribe.

For each guest, there are two opportunities to win a coupon. When your guest makes his first rental, and when he leases his own equipment to another member.

You also win a coupon if you invite 5 professionals who fully verify their account.

Conditions & amounts

  1. After the registration: €20 for the godfather, to use on its first rental of more than 100 € (excluding taxes and insurance).
  2. After the godson’s first rental (renter): €20 for the godfather, to use on his next rental.
  3. After the godson’s first rental (owner): €30 for the godfather, to use on his next rental.
  4. After the verification of 5 professionals: €10 for the godfather, to use on one of his next rentals.

Only for creative people from the audiovisual world
Only professionals from audiovisual world, and other creative professionals are accepted. Students enrolled in a film or photography school are also accepted. They must be able to provide a certificate of attendance. Renting out is only allowed if you are able to charge your income (send us an invoice).

Qualifying rentals
A rental is qualifying if the amount is greater than or equal to €100 (excluding taxes and insurance). You can use a coupon for every €100 on MotionTribe. This amount may vary during promotion periods.

Using your coupons
Coupons can not be applied to past rentals. They expire one year after their date of issue, and can only be used once. If you cancel a rental for which you applied the discount, you lose it.

Your guests are required to register up to 14 days after you submit the link.


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