What is a HUB and how do I use it for delivery of gear ?

You can’t find a common time slot between renter and owner to meet? You make a rental of a large kit for a long time but do not want to drive to all owners? Or maybe you prefer to meet in a neutral location ? This is what the hub is for. And the service is free!

General note : the Owner is not obliged to accept using the hub as this means more travel for him. Owner’s are more likely to accept for long duration, higher value rentals. The hub is in it’s beta phase and the process will be more seamless in the future.

Brussels’ HUB – BFC Rental :

  • bfcrental.com
  • Auguste De Boeck Street, 68
  • B1140 Brussels
  • +32 2 242 44 41 (call only to check if gear has arrived, for other information call MotionTribe)

How does it work ?

  1. If you would like to meet at a hub, you can ask for it in your message when sending the rental request.
  2. If the renter and owner both agree to using the hub, the renter must tell the owner the day and approximate time he will pick up the gear. The owner must specify what time (prior to pick up date and time) he intends to drop the gear. The owner can drop the equipment up to 10 days before the renter’s shoot. The hub will not release any gear before the agreed pick up date.
  3. Once the schedule is finished, the owner or renter must email it to MotionTribe so we can inform the hub. If the renter will not pick up the gear himself, he must also give us the name of the person who will. The owner is also responsible for keeping the renter informed about dropping the gear.
  4. When you arrive at the hub, tell them your name, show them your id and they will give you the Hub agreement that you need to sign (drop off and pickup). Write on it any stratch or damage and hand the agreement to hub staff.
  5. Once the renter has brought the gear back at the hub, he must inform the owner and MotionTribe (hello@motiontribe.io). The owner has 10 days after the shoot to pick up the gear.
  6. When the owner picks up the gear, he signs the return form and leaves it at the hub.
  7. As an owner, if you notice any damage to the equipment, add it to the return form, take pictures and contact MotionTribe.

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