How are rental days and prices calculated?

In order to bring the best value to renters and get owners as many rentals as possible, MotionTribe has adopted the 3-day week industry-standard pricing.

Date selection and shoot days

Rental prices are calculated from the first day of your shoot to the last. Whether you pick the gear the same morning of your shoot or the afternoon before makes no difference to the price. This helps you to be more flexible in the pickup and drop off.

3-day week

If your shoot is 1-3 days, you pay for the shoot days. Example: you pick up the gear on Monday and shoot Tuesday and Wednesday and drop it off on Thursday. In that case, you only pay for the shoot days (2).

When renting 4 to 6 days, you pay only 3 days. Example: you pick up the gear on Thursday, shoot from Friday to Monday and drop it off on Tuesday. For those 4 days of shooting, you pay 3 days.

Weekend discount

When renting Saturday and Sunday (shoot days), you are only charged one day. Example: you shoot during the weekend and pick up the gear on Friday and drop it off on Monday. You are charged 1 day.

Another example: you shoot Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You are charged 2 days (1 day + 1 day for the weekend).

You cannot benefit from both the weekly and weekend discount. Once your rental is more than 4 days long, the weekend discount is cancelled.

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